Application Programming Interface (API) in a nutshell

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Web service APIs

Web service APIs send and receive messages across the web using HTTP to transport the request and response. Web service APIs are not language-specific.

Native library APIs

Native library APIs involve incorporating code directly into the project for desired functionality (e.g., navigation, payment, email communication, etc.). Native library APIs are language-specific.

How regular browser request is different from APIs?

The data you get when you browse something on the internet is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here the purpose is a machine to human communication.

An example for real-life application of API

Let’s take the example of Uber. As shown below the Uber controls the user experience and relies on third-party services for infrastructure, communication, navigation, and payments. These service providers are providing their services through APIs and integrated into Uber. Hence, Uber doesn’t want to develop everything from scratch.

Image source: Uber



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